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Stilmarmo’s mission is to promote Apricena Stone – also known as Trani Stone – all over the world.

Apricena’s marble district is one of the biggest in Italy, second only to Carrara.

Apricena Stone includes four main groups of materials – Serpeggiante, Fiorito, Bronzetto and Biancone – sharing the same source and technical composition, but differing from one another from an aesthetical point of view.

Serpeggiante is known worldwide for its unique characteristics, which make it one of the most desired materials for the most prestigious projects in the world.

Traditionally vein cut, Serpeggiante marble reveals its characteristic veins and its beige colour, that make its texture so similar to wood that it is also known as wooden marble.

Fiorito and Bronzetto are characterized by a colour range going from the light to dark beige tones, and patterns changing according to the different types, presenting in some cases pinkish veins, in other types cloudy patterns.

Serpeggiante, Fiorito, Bronzetto and Biancone are suitable for both internal and for exterior applications, thanks to their excellent technical characteristics.

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